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    • Vehicle Abuse:  - Vehicles of any kind are NOT to be driven and or parked inside of buildings [this includes but is not limited to the Pillbox Hospital, Mission Row, Stores, Banks, or any other building that has an interior].  Social Media:  - Things seen over social media such as /tweet are NOT to be used as initiation or retaliation. You may confront the person based off a tweet and initiate from there however if it is determined that hostile actions were initiated based  off of a post on social media post alone then you may be subject to RDM/VDM. EUP: - You are NOT allowed to wear any ACTIVE EUP clothing that would be issued by the SASP/SAFR/SADoT If it is not obtained with a valid RP reason [stating that you broke into one of the locker rooms is not realistic due to security inside the buildings] - If you obtain Active EUP within RP you may only wear ONE piece and as soon as you get busted by police you must get rid of that object of clothing.* - You may wear the default GTA uniforms for Police/Paramedics* Gangs:  - All Gangs must be registered by filling out the appropriate application under Criminal Services * If you do this you can be charged with the impersonation of a Government Official
    • Powergaming: - Forceful roleplay, that does not give the other player a chance to roleplay their own response is considered powergaming. An example a player may attempt to knock the other player unconscious, however the other player must be given a chance to roleplay the outcome of that action. - Roleplay of unrealistic actions is another form of powergaming. Examples include roleplay of having superpowers, driving a vehicle while your character is handcuffed, texting while your character is in cuffs/custody, or shooting a weapon while your character is downed. - Forceful server commands, such as /cuff or /drag are exceptions to the powergame rule and are to only be used for the intended purpose. /OOC Use:  - Used to provide information that is unobtainable in character to people within a certain distance of your character without broadcasting the message to everyone in the server. - OOC should be used to ask and answer questions related to RP or ask for help (Ex. What is the key to put my hands up?) ~ this is NOT be used for general conversation. - You are not allowed to input false information or lie in /OOC as this roleplay command that is used to explain the facts of a roleplay situation that can not be known otherwise. For example, if someone searches for signs of drug use and the character has needle marks on their arms you must /OOC to inform them that they have found them. Theft of Service Vehicles:  - Stealing AI or Locally owned emergency vehicles such as ambulances and cruisers is not allowed, however you may steal player owned service vehicles that have our custom state and fire liveries. 
    • Here are the laws for the State of San Andreas   https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1NBc5EivFxJG2ClL73aIgdVMELxBf3ELi71zKm9aGzlw/edit#gid=0
    • There is zero tolerance for racism, homophobic speech, Any form of hate speech, antisemitism, or any form of harassment. Server Rules: Any disruption to game play or intentionally ruining the experience of others is not permitted. The burden of a rule break is on the person reporting the rule break. If they do not have evidence admin action may not be taken. Players must be 16 years of age or Director Approval is necessary for younger than 16. NO Erotic Role Play is allowed. FAILRP / RDM / VDM / NVL You may initiate from a vehicle however it is your responsibility to insure both parties can hear each other. If the other party does not hear you, you may be guilty of RDM or FailRP. Every hostile action has to have a solid role-play reason behind it, you may not kill a compliant civilian or use a poor excuse to kill them. A Law Enforcement traffic stop can not be interrupted by a third party in a hostile manner. (Video taping, being annoying, etc is allowed) You must value your life AT ALL TIMES. You may never tell someone just to kill you because you do not want to deal with the situation You cannot engage in a gunfight or hostile roleplay in general with other civilians or the police until a verbal initiation is made.(Exception: Dispatched Criminal Activity is considered initiation [Robbery, Drug Sales, Stolen Vehicles, etc]) Running around and trolling in high threat situations such as large shootouts, bank robberies, hostage situations that you are not involved in is considered failure to value life and FailRP. You are not allowed to use a tow truck to haul vehicles that are occupied or not stationary (Moving). ZANCUDO AFB is OFF-LIMITS - If you are caught on the base or steal a vehicle from there it is FAILRP and you will be BANNED. Police Department restricted areas are off-limits, this includes all areas of Mission Row (excluding waiting room area), Sandy Shores and Paleto Sheriff Offices. If you do not have an official reason (meaning on duty as police, EMS or brought there as a suspect) you have no reason to be in these areas. This will be classed as FailRP and is punishable as such. You may not run over or ram another player/vehicle unless they pose an immediate threat to your safety. Combat logging of any type is not permitted. In order for you and/or your group to partake in hostile RP you must be directly involved in the situation when the initiation took place. You must be at the scene of the initiation. Retaliation: One successful retaliation in 24hr period, per incident. (example You are shot at Legion Square by Johnny and you see Johnny later that day, you can retaliate once and then the situation is over) MetaGaming / Powergaming You may not use other communication applications such as Discord, Steam chat to communicate in-game RP related situations (This includes Discord voice, Mumble, etc). You may not meta-game or use any outside information at anytime, using outside information in-character will not be tolerated. Stream Sniping: You may not be in any other players stream while on the server. (Exceptions are Admin+ Staff Members who can watch all streams.) You may not force a character to PERMA unless that character is under a "PERMA CONTRACT" in a gang (Perma Contracts will need to be approved by Community Director before they can be activated) OOC (out of character): You must always be in character while in-game. (Exception: Administrative Activity) /OOC is only to be used for asking questions or asking for help. Using any information from a /OOC or /me such as players names etc is classed as MetaGaming   NLR (New Life Rule): If you hit the re-spawn button you must forget everything leading up to your death, your attackers, and any other details about the situation. If you are revived by EMS you may remember your attackers but you must stay in EMS custody until you are medically released. Bank Robbery / Store Robbery: There must be at least 4 officers online to initiate a bank robbery. There must be at least 2 officers online to initiate a store robbery. Only 2 criminals can be involved in a single store robbery and only 4 officers can respond (unless there is a shots fired and an officer is down) Only 4 criminals can be involved in a single bank robbery and only 6 officers can respond  (unless there is a shots fired and an officer is down) There must be at least 15 minutes left on the clock before a restart, and the server must have been up for at least 15 minutes. Emergency Services Rules: Calling a panic may consist of "/PANIC"  or in case of an Officer down situation, "13" can be entered and a short information can be communicated over the radio. You may not be corrupt under any circumstances. If you are downed in a gunfight you may not handle any of your attackers or give any information about the situation leading to you being downed (if you respawn). If you are revived by EMS, you may no longer handle the situation but you may give information about what occurred.    Reporting & Ban Procedures: To make a report you must be directly involved in the situation. (exceptions: exploiting and meta-gaming). The situation you are reporting must have taken place within 24 hours of the report. You may only comment on a report you are directly involved in. Expect admin action only on video and audio recordings that are clear. You must have video evidence with 2 minutes prior of first contact included. You may not use other players media (twitch, youtube, etc) to report them. Spam reporting or abusing the report player section as a way to bully or single one person out will not be tolerated. Player Compensations will be on a case by case basis. Game Bug issues with proof (video) will be compensated.   All final player report decisions will be made by a Admin/Director Both parties will be granted a fair chance to defend themselves. All Admin/Director decisions will be unbiased and fact based.   Permanent Bans will only allow an unban request after 30 Days. Your account will be locked until the 30 days have passed. Bans are on a strike bases. Each offense may warrant a strike and players that reach 3 strikes are subject to permanent ban. A verbal warning can be considered a Strike, it is the discretion of the Admin/Director that is issuing it to determine if a Strike is issued or not. Depending on severity and discretion of the staff this may result in a permanent ban on the first offense.     (All Perm Bans are at the discretion of Admins/Directors) 
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